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Farm Insurance

For many farmers, your farm represents your entire livelihood. To protect your farm against unexpected emergencies or accidents, it’s important to take out a full-coverage insurance policy to suit your needs. Here at AOR Insurances (Cavan) Ltd., we have over 40 years of experience helping agricultural workers across Cavan and the surrounding areas find insurance plans to suit their individual requirements, ensuring that you can get great quality coverage without having to compromise on price.

As well as full-coverage farm insurance to protect your buildings, equipment, and livestock, AOR Insurances (Cavan) Ltd. works with over 20 insurance providers to help you choose individual building insurance, livestock insurance, tractor insurance, equipment insurance, and more. Our policies are suitable for all types of farmers, from dairy farmers to crop farmers and agricultural contractors.

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Offering a Wide Range of Farm Insurance Options, Including:

  • Building Insurance

  • Building & Contents Insurance

  • Livestock Insurance

  • Tractor Insurance

  • Vehicle Insurance

  • Land Insurance

  • Tools & Equipment Insurance

  • Machinery Insurance

  • Personal Accident Insurance

  • Theft Insurance

  • Storm, Flood & Fire Insurance

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Farm Insurance FAQ

  • How does livestock insurance work?

    Livestock insurance covers you financially in the event of livestock being injured, killed, or lost. This can be applied to all breeds of livestock, and covers you for floods, fires, transportation injuries, theft, and more

  • How much does farm insurance cost?

    The price of farm insurance varies greatly depending on the level of cover you require and the value of assets to be covered. For a free quote from one of 20+ insurance providers, contact AOR Insurances Cavan today.

  • What is the best farm insurance provider in Ireland?

    This completely depends on the type of farm you own and the level of cover you need. Get in touch with AOR Insurances Cavan for more information on the different agricultural insurance policies we offer.