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 Life Insurance

Having auto insurance is a legal requirement in Ireland, so it’s important that you get the best value on an insurance plan that suits your individual needs. The team at AOR Insurances (Cavan) Ltd. has over 40 years of industry experience, helping our clients to get great value on fantastic car insurance plans. We work alongside all major car insurance companies in Ireland to get competitive quotes and fantastic coverage for our clients. As well as offering standard third party, third party fire & theft, and comprehensive insurance for experienced drivers, we provide great plans on insurance for new drivers, getting you the best deal possible on all types of car insurance. As a third party insurance broker, we ensure an unbiased and professional approach, helping you to get value and quality when it comes to your auto insurance.

Offering a Range of Life Insurance Plans, Including:

  • Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Mortgage Protection

  • Serious Illness Cover

  • Specified Illness Cover

  • Pension & Investments Cover

  • Joint Life Insurance

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Life Insurance FAQ

  • What are the main types of life insurance plans?

    The two main types of life insurance plans are term life insurance and whole life insurance. Term insurance guarantees your family a loved one if you pass away within a specific time period, while whole life assurance does not have a time limit. Other forms of life insurance include mortgage protection and serious illness cover.

  • Should I get life insurance?

    Yes, it’s highly recommended to take out a life insurance policy if you have a mortgage or a family to ensure that they are kept financially stable in the event of your death.

  • How much does life insurance cost?

    The price of life insurance varies greatly depending on a number of factors. For a quote on our life insurance policies, get in touch with AOR Insurances Cavan today.