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Motor Trade  Insurance

When things go wrong in the motor trade, it can be extremely costly to repair, which is why it’s important to have a high-quality motor trade insurance policy to fall back on. Here at AOR Insurances (Cavan) Ltd., we have over four decades of experience in working with professionals in the motor trade, collaborating with over 20 insurers to find you a plan to suit your unique requirements. Our motor trade insurance plans are suitable for fleet vehicles, garages, rental vehicle companies, and more, ensuring that your high-value business is protected in the event of an unexpected accident or emergency.

Our motor trade insurance plans are suitable for all types of motor businesses large and small, as well as for sole traders, mechanics, and owners of garages across Cavan and beyond.

Offering a Range of Motor Trade Insurance Options, Including:

  • Fleet Vehicle Insurance

  • Commercial Car Insurance

  • Commercial Van Insurance

  • Commercial Motorcycle Insurance

  • Garage Insurance

  • Vehicle Rental Insurance

  • Cover for Own & Customers’ Vehicles

  • Business Premises Insurance

  • Equipment & Asset Insurance

  • Employer Liability Insurance

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Vehicle Repairs

  • Spare Parts Insurance

  • Breakdown & Recovery Insurance

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Road Risk Insurance

Motor Trade Road Risks insurance is a type of insurance that allows you to drive private vehicles and operate commercial vehicles as you pursue your day to day business operations, and is a vital type of insurance if you’re working in the motor trade. AOR Insurances (Cavan) Ltd. offers a wide variety of road risk insurance policies suitable for all types of commercial vehicles for professionals in this industry.

Motor Trade Insurance FAQ

  • Can I drive any car with a motor trade insurance policy?

    No. With a Motor Trade Insurance policy, you are permitted to drive your own cars and customer cars when business is being conducted. This does not mean that you are insured to drive a family members’ or friends’ car.

  • How much does motor trade insurance cost?

    The price of motor trade insurance varies depending on the level of cover you require. Get in touch with AOR Insurances Cavan for a free quote on a motor trade policy from one of our 20+ insurance providers.

  • Can anyone get a motor trade insurance policy?

    No, in order to avail of a motor trade insurance policy, you must be working in the motor trade for example as a mechanic, tradesman, fleet operator, or otherwise.